Wednesday, September 19, 2007

University of Florida Student Tasered at John Kerry Speaking Event

The University of Florida hosted Senator John Kerry in a speaking forum Monday which went according to planned until a UF student took over the microphone and began to ramble on like... Well... He sounded off like a left-wing political pundit after ingesting a few hits of strong ecstasy.

His line of half-serious, half-loaded questioning was abruptly ended when he was seized by police.

The chaos that follows is disturbing. The student is wrestled to the floor and then tazered by police.

I know that this video will be politicized like hell over the following days as an argument platform for both liberals and conservatives. It will most likely be taken out of context and replayed in the light that fits the agenda of whoever it is that's showing it. Here is the next day's article by the Associated Press.

I've personally witnessed crazy conspiracy-theorists go apeshit at UF's speaking engagements in the past. They are usually wearing sweatpants; eyes as red as stoplights they slur out how they found this obscure internet site that can prove direct correlation between IBM and George Bush's cooperation with Nazi Germany.

These people are usually sad, tragic figures that get out their question with a mental eye roll from the speaker and a spattering of snickers from the audience.
I have seen people ushered off by the event staff, but never like this...

I guess my take on the whole fiasco is that while I admire the kid's tenacity, he was kind of a moron. Sure he made everyone feel a little uncomfortable, but sometimes that's what it takes to get an "honest" answer out of politicians. But it's like, "Hey kid! Dude, if you're going to get yourself arrested AND tazed, make sure it's for something other than looking like a huge crybaby."


Dwight's Writing Manifesto said...

I predict that "Don't Taze Me, Bro" will be part of the popular lexicon for years to come.

Counting down the days until I hear it in a Kevin Smith movie.

Seriously, Curt... Looking for "honest" answers? "Honest?" You think a rational human being really expects one particular Senator to initiate impeachment proceedings because the President dares to espouse values different than 22 year old college students?

Or maybe the kid was just "honestly" trying to advance his own political opinions at a microphone in a public place with national media present?

Is decorum dead? Is respect a thing of the past? That kid didn't only disrespect his president, he disrespected Senator Kerry as well. He disrespected the time limit rules. He disrespected the other kids lined up to ask a question. He disrespected the police who made an attempt to restore order at first, and then subdue him when he became beligerent.

Sharing values with the kid shouldn't be the basis for giving him your blessing to act like a douchebag. Politics, schmolitics. That kid was a certifiable douchebag no matter which political values he was championing.

Anonymous said...

mm i agree. this was disturbing on a serious constitutional basis, but the guy could have approached it much better

Dwight's Writing Manifesto said...

Yakknow, that whole diatribe of mine reads a lot more assholic than I meant it to be when I wrote it.

There's just so little civility these days. So little tolerance for opposing values.

Curtastrophe said...

Haha I thought it was great! But yeah... civility... I'm with you 100%.