Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Drabbler #12

Publishing news . . . My veeery short story has been published as part of a Sam's Dot Publishing anthology, The Drabbler #12. I'm telling people that it's an intergalactic character study that centers around aliens interacting via social-networking sites. In this case, the supermassive interconnectivity medium is an amalgamation of MySpace and Facebook: FaceSpace.

Other tasty informational nuggets: 1.) My dear ole dad (and editor extraordinaire) also has a drabble featured between its pages. 2.) As for this snazzy cover art, it's the accompanying illustration for my story, Think Before You Jump. Seeing a figment of my imagination--Lena the Vampiress A.K.A LonelyMistress86--transformed into a picture was a pleasant surprise.

The collection is available via The Genre Mall and is sure to become a collector's item in the future. That is, once my still unfinished novel is adapted into a commercially and critically acclaimed film. Or something like that . . .